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bloodycase review

Bloodycase stands out as a prominent and well-regarded platform for CS:GO case openings, offering a range of interactive games. It is recognized for its authenticity and reliability in providing exclusive weapon cases. The site enables users to deposit and withdraw funds while engaging in the excitement of opening unique cases and claiming rewards. Additionally, Bloodycase provides various promo codes, offering bonuses and discounts to enhance user experience and encourage more active participation on the platform. Bloodycase is the ideal platform for opening cases in Rust and CS2.

How to Claim Bloodycase Bonus

To utilize the Bloodycase promo code, particularly if you are new to the platform and want to start with the CS2 promo code case, simply follow these easy steps:


Create an Account

Register at if you haven't already. Once registered, log into your account.


Find the Promo Code Section

After logging in, locate the “Promo Code” area on your user dashboard.


Enter the Promo Code

Type in Bonkku in the designated field for the promo code.


Redeem Your Code

Click the “Apply” button to activate the promo code. This action will add a $0.3 balance to your account and provide you with five free cases.

Game modes

Bloodycase offers a variety of engaging game modes to its users, each providing a unique experience in the realm of CS:GO case opening. Here's a brief overview of each game mode:



This is the core feature of Bloodycase. In this mode, players can open a variety of CS:GO cases, each containing different skins. These cases range in price and potential value of the skins inside, offering players the thrill of uncovering rare and valuable items.



The Upgrader game mode allows players to potentially increase the value of their skins. In this mode, players can select a skin and attempt to upgrade it to a more valuable one. This is done by choosing a desired skin and risking the original one for a chance to win the more valuable item.


Case Battles

Case Battles involve multiple players opening the same type of cases simultaneously. The player who gets the most valuable items from the cases wins the entire pool of skins opened during the battle. This mode adds a competitive edge to case opening, as players go head-to-head with others.



In the Contract mode, players can trade a number of lower-value skins for one of higher value. This is a great way for players to clear out less desirable skins from their inventory and potentially upgrade to something better.

BloodyCase CS:GO Skin Giveaways:

BloodyCase provides avid gamers with the chance to win coveted skins that might otherwise be unaffordable. Participation in their giveaways is a way to potentially enhance one's gaming experience without any loss.

Types of Giveaways:

  1. 24-Hour Green Giveaway:
    • Requirement: Common Rarity card.
    • Limitation: A card can only be used once for entry.
    • Mechanism: Open cases containing the Common Rarity card.
  2. Weekly Friday #13 Giveaway:
    • Requirement: Fund account with at least $13.00.
    • Mechanism: Each top-up allows multiple participation chances.
  3. Monthly Gold Giveaway:
    • Requirement: Epic Rarity card.
    • Limitation: A card can be used only once for entry.
    • Mechanism: Open cases to find the Epic Rarity card.
  4. Monthly Red Giveaway:
    • Requirement: SuperRare Rarity card.
    • Limitation: Single-use entry per card.
    • Mechanism: Obtain the card by opening relevant cases.
  5. Weekly Neon Giveaway:
    • Requirement: Uncommon Rarity card.
    • Limitation: Card used once per draw.
    • Mechanism: Find the card in specific cases.
  6. CS:GO Promo Code Giveaway:
    • Requirement: Promo codes distributed via social media and email.
    • Benefit: Exclusive for newsletter subscribers and social media followers.
  7. Monthly Purple Giveaway:
    • Requirement: Rare Rarity card.
    • Limitation: One-time use per card.
    • Mechanism: Acquire the card by opening designated cases.

How to Enter:

  1. Create an account on BloodyCase using a Steam account or email.
  2. Read and understand the participation rules.
  3. Enter the contest on the giveaway page.
  4. Await the announcement of winners after submission.

Payment Methods

Deposit Methods

Bloodycase offers a variety of deposit methods to cater to a global audience with diverse payment preferences. Here's a detailed overview of the payment methods available on Bloodycase:

  1. Credit and Debit Cards:
    • ZEN (MasterCard | Visa)
    • Unlim (MasterCard | Visa)
    • Standard Visa and MasterCard options
    • JCB (Japan Credit Bureau)
  2. E-Wallets:
    • Skrill: A widely used digital wallet for secure online transactions.
    • Neteller: Another popular e-wallet for quick and safe deposits.
    • PayPal: A global leader in online payment services.
    • Paysafecard: A prepaid online payment method based on vouchers with a 16-digit PIN code.
  3. Bank Transfers:
    • Sofort: An immediate and direct payment method via online banking.
  4. Cryptocurrencies:
    • Bitcoin (BTC)
    • Ethereum (ETH)
    • Dogecoin (DOGE)
    • USDT (Tether)
    • Cardano (ADA)
    • Ripple (XRP)
    • Polygon (MATIC)
  5. CS2 Skins

Withdraw Methods

  1. CS2 Skins

Before withdrawing items, you need to make sure that you can make exchanges in Steam. Also, to withdraw items that you received on the site, you need to refill your account once for the minimum amount on the site.

Security & Safety

Here’s how Bloodycase ensures that the game results are transparent and fair for all users:

  1. Provably Fair Algorithm:
    • The core of Bloodycase's approach to fairness is the Provably Fair algorithm. This system relies on random number generation to determine game outcomes, thereby eliminating the possibility of rigged results.
  2. Verification Tools:
    • Users are provided with a unique set of data including a server seed, a client seed, and a nonce (a counter that increases with each bet) which can be used to verify the fairness of each game.
    • The server seed is a sequence of numbers generated by Bloodycase’s server, ensuring that the platform cannot predict or alter the outcome once the game has started.
    • The client seed is provided by the user’s browser or can be customized by the user, contributing to the calculation of the game result.
    • The nonce reflects the number of bets placed, ensuring that each game has a unique identifier for verification purposes.
  3. Transparency:
    • This information is made available to the user in advance of the game starting, and importantly, it is encrypted. Encryption secures the data against tampering, making it impossible to falsify or predict the results before the game concludes.
  4. Independent Verification:
    • For users who want to verify the fairness of the results themselves, Bloodycase provides the option to do so through independent services or directly on their website in the user's profile section.
  5. Trustpilot review:
    • Bloodycase has received a rating of 4.4 out of 5 on Trustpilot, based on 44 reviews.


Free tickets are the internal currency of Bloodycase website, which can be earned by performing certain actions on the site. Currently, Free Tickets can be used to participate in Case Battles. For Free Ticket holders, there are special Case Battles, participation in which requires a certain number of tickets.
You can get them at the moment:- in cases- after refill the balance. In the future, the possibility and ways to get Free Tickets will be expanded.
For customer service, Bloodycase relies on email support, which operates around the clock to provide timely assistance to player inquiries.