Group Play – Play Together With Your Favourite Streamers!

The Casino World experienced a significant change in 2020 with the launch of the first online casino that enabled group play. This casino revolutionized the traditional concept of playing at online casinos by introducing a social dimension, previously limited mainly to physical casinos.

This innovative concept means playing at online casinos together with your friends and favorite streamers!

On this page, we will provide more information about play together casinos and explain how those actually work.

What is Group Gaming?

Group gaming refers to a group of players who combine their funds to create a common gaming pool. This enables the placement of larger bets and the sharing of gaming experiences among the group. Group gaming is not limited to the size of the monetary stake; it creates a sense of community and the joy of experiencing together.

In the casino world, group gaming refers to a situation where a group of players puts money into a common pot. This way, each person can participate in the group gaming with the amount of money they choose. For example, if 50 players contribute 100 euros each to the group, the starting balance of the session becomes 5,000 euros.

It is important to understand that playing in a group does not increase the chances of winning. The idea is to offer a social gaming experience and excitement on behalf of the common gaming pool. It is simply a modern way of playing gambling games, not about any black magic or empty promises.

Fundamentally, group gaming does not increase the chances of winning, but casinos have devised a solution to this by adding money to groups as so-called add-ons. The size of these add-ons varies from a few hundred euros to up to 10,000 euros. The larger the pot that the casino adds to the group's balance, the better the expected value is in the group's final outcome.

Where Can I Participate to Group Play Sessions?

Currently, you can participate in group games through the brands Casinobud and ComeOn. Both operators offer a similar concept for group gaming. ComeOn! has branded its group gaming feature on its website, which you can find under the name WeSpin. On Casinobud, the process has remained quite straightforward from the beginning, and their group games can be easily found on the left side of the page under the “play in a group” button.

Bonkun team has created comprehensive guides for the group gaming offerings of both casinos, and you can read more about them from the links below:

Group Gaming in a Nutshell


A New Gaming Experience

Group casinos offer players the opportunity to participate in games that would normally require larger deposits, thus making bigger winnings more attainable. This is particularly significant in jackpot games, where the prizes can reach substantial amounts.


Social Interaction

One of the most significant changes is the social element. Group gaming allows real-time communication with other players, creating a sense of community and adding excitement. Players can share strategies, celebrate wins, and console each other in the face of losses.


The Impact of Technology

Technology has played a central role in the development of group casinos. Modern platforms enable smooth interaction and financial transactions between players, ensuring fairness and security in the games.


Revitalizing the Casino Business

Group gaming has introduced a new dynamic to the casino business. Casinos have recognized this trend and started offering more group games and tournaments. This has attracted new groups of players and increased the popularity of casinos.


Future Prospects

Group gaming appears to be a permanent part of the future of the casino world, encouraging innovation and community. It exemplifies how traditional forms of gambling can adapt and grow in a digital environment, bringing new and exciting experiences to players.