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csgo500 review

CS500 established 2016 is a well-known platform in the realm of CS2 gambling and esports betting. It integrates the excitement of CS2 with the innovative aspects of cryptocurrency betting, offering a unique experience for its users. 

In addition to its focus on CS2 gambling and esports betting, CSGO500 also features a casino section, further diversifying its entertainment offerings. This part of the platform caters to traditional casino game enthusiasts, providing a range of games commonly found in online casinos.

CSGO500 Code


Account Creation or Login

Firstly, you need to either create an account on CSGO500 or log in if you already have one.


Navigate to the Rewards Section

You should look for a small rewards icon. This icon is located near your profile information. Clicking on this rewards icon will open the section where you can enter your referral code.


Entering the Code

In the designated section, you will find a field to enter your referral code. Type BONKKU to the referral code box.


Apply the Code

After entering the code, make sure to apply or submit it. This is usually done by clicking a button next to the input field.


Receiving the Benefits

Upon successful submission, the benefits associated with the referral code should be credited to your account.

CSGO500 History

When CSGO500 initially entered the market, it was primarily focused on CS:GO skin gambling, a common practice in the early stages of many such platforms. This model allowed players to use CS:GO skins as a form of currency for gambling, which was a central aspect of the skin gambling market at that time. However, from the outset, this type of gambling activity had no regulatory oversight or endorsement from Valve, the developer of CS:GO.

Valve, recognizing the potential risks associated with skin gambling, has been proactive in distancing itself from these activities. The company has undertaken efforts to curtail skin gambling by issuing cease and desist orders to various platforms engaged in this practice.

In response to the challenges and the somewhat negative perception surrounding skin gambling, CSGO500 underwent a rebranding process. The platform shifted its focus and rebranded itself as ‘500 Casino.' This move was aimed at diversifying their offerings and stepping away from being solely a skin gambling site. Despite this change, the original domain name ‘' remains in use, maintaining a link to its origins while signaling a broader gaming and betting platform.

This transition reflects a broader trend in the online gaming industry, where platforms are diversifying their offerings and moving towards more regulated forms of online gambling. For a more detailed exploration of CSGO500's evolution and current operations, you may refer to the sources provided in your initial query.


The casino section typically includes popular games such as slots, roulette, and card games, each offering a unique gaming experience. This variety ensures that there's something to suit a wide array of preferences, making the platform appealing not just to esports bettors but also to those who enjoy classic casino games. 500 casino has over 5000 slot games. 500 Casino really offers a great mix of games that are big hits in the gaming community. You've got classics like “The Dog House” and the adventurous “Razor Returns,” not to mention “Reactoonz 2,” which is a real treat.

500 Classics

CSGO500 stands out among CS2 skin betting sites for its exceptional range of gaming options. It's fair to say that in terms of the variety of games it offers, CSGO500 is in a league of its own, surpassing many other sites in this niche. This unique selection positions CSGO500 as a leading platform in the CS2 gambling scene. Here are some classic games what they have:


Roulette is a central feature of many CS:GO betting sites, and CSGO500 is no exception. They offer the classic version of the game, along with their unique take on it – the 50x Wheel. This larger wheel diverges from the standard 15-symbol format and offers the possibility of paying out up to 50 times the original bet, adding an extra level of excitement for players hoping for a lucky outcome.


It's a game of chance where players drop a ball from the top of a pyramid-shaped board. The ball bounces down the board, hitting pegs along the way, and eventually lands in one of the slots at the bottom, each representing a different multiplier.


Crash, a well-liked game in the realm of CS2 gambling, is a notable feature on licensed sites like CSGO500. The game is visually represented with a graph that gradually ascends, symbolizing increasing potential winnings. However, the catch is the unpredictability of when the graph will ‘crash,' bringing a sudden end to the round. This element of surprise is a key aspect of the game's appeal, challenging players to decide the optimal moment to cash out before the crash occurs.


Like many Counter-Strike 2 betting sites, CSGO500 features a PvP element, known as Duels. However, the experience in Duels at CSGO500 may not be as robust as expected. It appears that a lot of the time, players end up competing against bots due to a shortage of real players joining the games.


CSGO500 Sportsbook

At 500 Casino, players get to enjoy a well-coordinated sportsbook that offers the opportunity to bet on a wide array of sports, including a comprehensive selection of popular eSports. The betting options at 500 Casino are notable for their variety and quality, which is impressive considering that 500 Casino isn't primarily a sportsbook provider.

One of the standout features of the sportsbook at 500 Casino is the inclusion of combo bets. These are a favorite among sports betting enthusiasts due to the potential for higher payouts and the added excitement they bring to betting.

The user experience of their sportsbook is commendable too. It's not just about the range of sports you can bet on, but also about the platform's user-friendly interface. This makes it easy for bettors to navigate, place bets, and manage their funds.

When it comes to odds, 500 Casino offers competitive rates, catering to both USA-based and international bettors. This makes it a worthwhile destination for those looking to engage in sports betting.

VIP Club

The VIP Club at 500 Casino offers a range of rewards for its members. As you progress in levels, with Level 500 marking the entry into VIP status, you gain access to exclusive VIP rewards. Here's an overview of the kinds of rewards offered:


Instant Rakeback

From the moment you register, you start generating rakeback on all eligible bets. This rakeback can be claimed any time and increases every 100 levels.


Level Up Rewards

Each time you level up, you receive a reward. These rewards become more significant as you advance, with faster leveling in the initial stages.


Royale Rewards

Your bets automatically enroll you in the Monthly Royale event, where you compete for special prizes based on your ranking. Betting on weekends offers additional advantages due to the 3-day Weekend Royales that run alongside the Monthly Royale.


Challenges and Promotions

Regular challenges are held for both Sportsbook and Casino games, providing additional prizes over certain games or leagues.


Giveaways and Social Media Engagement

Regular giveaways are held, especially for those active on social media platforms.


Once you reach VIP status, you unlock several exclusive rewards:

It's important to note that weekly and monthly bonuses are only available through the Official VIP Telegram channel of 500 Casino.

The VIP Club at 500 Casino is designed to be competitive in the industry, with rewards that make a significant difference to your gameplay experience. The more you play and the higher your level, the more rewards you receive.

Is CSGO500 legit or a scam?

CSGO500, also known as 500 Casino, is considered to be a legitimate and trustworthy CS2 gambling site. It has been operational since 2016 and is a registered company with an active Curacao eGaming license, ensuring that legal gambling takes place on the platform. 500 Casino has over 750 reviews on Trustpilot with a 4.3-star rating. 

The platform utilizes a Provably Fair system, which is an algorithmic technology that guarantees a trustless relationship between players and the platform. This system ensures that all game results are randomly generated and attached to a unique hash, making it impossible for both users and operators to interfere with the outcomes​​.


Indeed, the platform operates with a license from Curaçao eGaming, a well-recognized authority in the gambling industry. This adds a layer of credibility and trust to the site. Furthermore, it boasts a strong rating of 4.6 out of 5 on its Trustpilot profile, reflecting positive user experiences and reliability.
Launched in 2016, CSGO500 is a well-known online gambling platform specializing in cryptocurrency and skin betting, particularly for CSGO and Rust games. The platform has recently undergone a rebranding and is now known as 500 Casino, reflecting its broader range of offerings.
Funding your CSGO500 account is quite straightforward with options like bank cards, various e-wallets, cryptocurrencies, and even by using CS:GO or Dota 2 skins. When it comes to cashing out, the platform supports Visa and Mastercard, along with Bitcoin. Additionally, withdrawals can be made using skins or gift cards, providing a range of choices to suit different preferences.
To add skins or items to your CSGO500 account, you first need to create an account on the platform. Once you've done that, you can move items from your Steam inventory to CSGO500. These items are then converted into in-site coins, which you can use to participate in the games offered on the site.