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keydrop review

Keydrop shines in the Counter Strike 2 (CS:GO) gambling world, offering a unique blend of gaming excitement and rewards. Here's a closer look at what makes Keydrop stand out.


At Keydrop, newcomers receive a warm welcome with attractive bonuses to kickstart their journey. By using the code BONKKU, you're entitled to a 10% bonus on your deposits, giving your balance an immediate uplift. Plus, Keydrop goes the extra mile by offering €0.50 for free upon registration. This initial bonus is an excellent way to dive into their offerings with little to no initial investment.

How to claim bonus

Ready to grab your bonus on Keydrop? Here’s a step-by-step guide to claim the bonus:


Visit Keydrop website

You can Press “CLAIM BONUS” button in this review, it takes you to Keydrop website.


Sign in with Steam


Use code BONKKU at promocode section


Enjoy your bonus

Promo code gives you a 10% Deposit bonus and free $0,50.

Game selection

Case Battle

In this competitive mode, players go head-to-head, opening cases to reveal skins. The player with the more valuable skins from the cases wins the round, taking home the combined loot. In Keydrop's 2v2 Case Battles, players can team up and compete against another pair, combining strategy and luck to win the pot together. The Underdog Mode adds a unique twist, where the tables are turned and the losing team/player claims the winnings. Over 34 million case battles have taken place on Keydrop, showing how popular it is.

Case Opening

Unlock cases for a chance to win rare skins. Over 330 million cases have been opened on Keydrop.


Combine lower-value skins for a chance to win something better.


Upgrade your skins to more valuable ones. You select a skin you own, choose a target skin you want to upgrade to, and the game calculates your chances of success.

Skin Changer

A unique feature allowing players to swap up to 50 skins from their inventory for higher-value options. The trade offer appears instantly in your Steam account, making the process seamless.


A strategic game where players conquer locations on a map by completing tasks. This mode offers the freedom to chart your path to the final location, with checkpoints revealing digits for a final mission that unlocks extra prizes.

Deposit methods

Keydrop lets you add funds to your account in many simple ways:

Withdrawal methods

At KeyDrop, withdrawing your winnings is primarily done through skins, allowing you to move various skins into your Steam inventory with a small fee for each transfer. While there are no direct cash withdrawal options available to payment processors like PayPal or banks, the quick and straightforward skin withdrawal system provides an edge over competitors by offering instant liquidity directly on the site. If you’re looking to cash out entirely, deactivating your account is the method used.


KeyDrop stands out as a trustworthy online gambling site for several reasons:

Keydrop uses a Provably Fair algorithm to ensure every game and case opening is completely random and fair. This system proves that all players have an equal chance to win, with no possibility of manipulating the outcomes. By utilizing a combination of server seed, client seed, and nonce, the algorithm transparently calculates the result right before each game starts, allowing you to verify the fairness of your winnings immediately after opening a case.

Customer service

Keydrop provides efficient customer support through several channels:

This range of support options ensures users can find help easily, whether they need quick answers or in-depth assistance.


New users can receive a 10% deposit bonus and €0.50 free when signing up with a BONKKU promo code.
Yes, Keydrop uses SSL encryption for security and has a provably fair system to ensure game integrity.
Currently, Keydrop only allows withdrawals in the form of skins.
You can join their affiliate program or refer friends to earn bonuses.