Casinobud – The First Ever Play Together Casino!

Casinobud is perhaps the best place to play casino games together with other people. 

It might sound complicated, but Casinobud has made it super simple and entertaining. Read our review to understand how you can benefit and find a new way to be entertained.

You'll find our favourite streamers in Casinobud's group play section regularly.

If you consider joining in on the group sessions, you've come to the right place and can find all the necessary info from this page!

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Group play at Casinobud

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Casinobud introduced a new revolutionary way to play casino games in 2020. In this new way of play, one player leads the gameplay decisions and balance of many. Sounds exciting,  right? 

We at Bonkku have been playing and streaming Casinobud games since the opening of the casino, so we are certified experts in the product. Our guide is made to give you an overview of this fun way to play, and perhaps get you to try playing with us–it’s unforgettable!

How does Casinobud work?


Players pool their bets together, under a shared group play balance. The casino often adds hard cash for the benefit of the players with so-called add-ons


The leader of a balance is the streamer, who broadcasts the gameplay, decisions and results live in a streaming service, such as


Once the group play session has been stopped by the leader, if funds remain, they are shared between the players fairly based on the player's portion of the initial starting balance.


It’s simple, and trying or even watching it once will give you a good idea. While group play casinos to entice the gameplay with boosts, the outcome of the sessions is dependent on the streamer's decisions and on the random number generator’s cold decisions!

How do you deposit at Casinobud?

Casinobud Payment methods

Depositing to Casinobud is simple since Casinobud uses Trustly as their sole provider for deposits and withdrawals at the casino.


With Trustly you simply:


Choose the amount you want to deposit


Log in with your electronic banking and verify the deposit


Start enjoying games

How do you find a Bonkku group play session to join?

Casinobud Joining the group sessions

When you navigate to the “Play Together” section of Casinobud, you see a wide selection of different streamers. These streamers are of variable quality. We of course only recommend playing with Bonkku’s qualified entertainers. You can search for game sessions made by Kung or Tepi from the Play Together page. 

Alternatively, you can find upcoming group play sessions from the streamer Casinobud profile:

  • Kung
  • Tepi

By subscribing to your favourite streamers group play sessions you ensure that you never miss a game!

Casinobud Group Play – FAQ

Only wager what you would be willing to lose, just like in the casino games. While our streamers try their best, you can never guarantee a win or even a partial return.
Potential profits are distributed according to player's initial stake in the betting pool. For example if the starting balance in the session is €1000, and your stake in the pool is €100, you will receive 10% of the balance to be withdrawn.
Casinobud has a comprehensive collection of the most popular casino games, in 2023 betting was added to the site, and betting and hybrid pools started to become more popular. CasinoBud offers some of the most popular games, including Pine of Plinko 2, Mental and Bonanza.