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CSGOBig review

CSGOBig is a popular online gambling platform tailored for fans of Counter Strike 2 (CS:GO), offering a variety of games. It features a comprehensive selection of games including Jackpot, Coinflip, Roulette, Cases, and Case Battles, catering to different preferences and styles of play. Here's a closer look at what CSGOBig has to offer, including its rewards system and bonus opportunities.


CSGOBig offers a deposit bonus for new users. By using the code BONKKU, players receive a 5% deposit bonus (excluding gift card deposits). This provides an immediate boost to your betting funds, enhancing your ability to play and win.

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Game selection


CSGOBig's Coinflip game offers a simple 50/50 chance to win against another player, with two visual styles for the game's outcome: Duel and Coin. Duel turns the flip into an animated battle for a more exciting experience, while Coin keeps it classic with a straightforward coin toss. Both options provide a fun way to gamble without affecting the actual odds of winning.


CSGOBig offers a Jackpot game with two visual styles, Battle Royale and Classic, for an engaging experience. In Battle Royale, players compete on a map with a shrinking safe zone, with the last one inside declared the winner. Classic mode features a spinning wheel where each player's bet occupies a sector, and the winner is chosen when the spin stops. Both styles make the game exciting without affecting the actual chances of winning, catering to different preferences.


In CSGOBig's Roulette, players have the opportunity to win BIG Credits by betting on colors or numbers, each offering different multipliers. The game features three color options: blue and black, both of which double your bet with a 2x multiplier, and gold, often referred to as “big”, which significantly increases the stakes with an 18x multiplier.


CSGOBig's cases range from 0.30 BIG Credits to 25,120.00 BIG Credits, offering options for every player, whether you're on a budget or looking for high-value skins. This variety allows for fun and strategic gambling for all.

Case Battles

CSGOBig's Case Battles introduce a competitive twist to opening cases, with options to customize the experience. Players can create private games, only joinable through a shared link, or engage in Jinxed games where the goal is to have the lowest total value of items to win. A wildcard option adds a random case at the end, potentially changing the game's outcome. Additionally, there's a team play mode, allowing up to four players to unbox cases and share the loot. These settings add strategy, excitement, and variety to the traditional case opening, catering to different preferences and play styles.

Rewards system

CSGOBig boasts an elaborate rewards system based on wager amounts, with ranks ranging from Iron I to Legend. Players progress through ranks by wagering on games, unlocking various bonuses and cases as they ascend. Here's a simplified overview of the ranks and rewards:

RankWager RequiredRewards
Iron I-III Up to 2,000 Credits
Iron IV 3,000 Case + Deposit Bonus
Bronze I-IV 5,000-12,500 Credits, Case + Bonuses
Silver I-IV 15,000-30,000 Credits, Case + Bonuses
Gold I-IV 40,000-70,000 Credits, Case + Bonuses
Platinum I-IV 100,000-250,000 Credits, Case + Bonuses
Diamond I-IV 350,000-2,000,000 Credits, Case + Bonuses
Master I-IV 4,000,000-10,000,000 Case + Deposit Bonus
Legend 15,000,000 Legend case + Deposit Bonus

Cashback on Rewards

Players also enjoy cashback based on their level, ranging from 0.25% to 1.00% as they progress through the tiers. This adds a layer of sustainability to the gambling experience, rewarding consistent play.

Daily and Weekly Quests

CSGOBig incentivizes active participation through daily and weekly quests, offering XP and other rewards for completing specific challenges. These quests vary from winning case battles to joining jackpot games, providing a dynamic and engaging way to earn extra bonuses.

Deposit methods

CSGOBig offers a variety of deposit methods to cater to the diverse preferences of its users, ensuring that adding funds to your account is convenient and straightforward. Here's a summary of the available deposit options:

Withdrawal methods

CSGOBig offers two main categories of withdrawal methods:


Customer support

CSGOBig provides comprehensive customer support to ensure a seamless experience for its users. Here’s an overview of the support services available:


Yes, CSGOBig employs various security measures to ensure user data protection and fair play.
Higher ranks in the rewards system grant access to better bonuses, including deposit bonuses, cashback, and exclusive cases.
1.6 BIG Credit is equal to $1 USD.